5 Games to Keep Guests Entertained Over the Holidays

By Heather Schuck | Things to Do in Austin

Dec 05

The holidays are here, which means lots of get-togethers with family and friends. If you’re stumped on how to entertain your crew of party-goers, try one (or all!) of these easy and fun holiday-themed party games. And yes, they are all app-free so you can enjoy them unplugged! Though, if you want an app and are old enough, you can also look to sites like https://www.codewithmike.com/traditional-gambling-vs-online-what-you-need-to-consider/ for ideas.

Christmas Bingo

An oldie, but goodie! Click on over to download these free printables for an all-ages fun game of BINGO. Supplies needed: bag of Hershey’s Kisses and printed bingo cards. Additionally, a strong connection to the internet might be useful if you are familar with other bingo games like Fabulous Bingo.

Holiday Alphabet Pasta Game

alphabet pasta

Buy a couple bags of alphabet-shaped pasta and give each team their own bag. Give them 5 minutes to spell out as many Christmas related words as possible. Make sure the words are left out for all to see. Each pasta letter may be only used once. Supplies needed: bags of alphabet-shaped pasta.

Drawing in a Snowstorm

Snowman Drawing Game

The game host instructs everyone to hold a paper plate on their head and to draw what the host instructs them to draw without looking at what they are drawing. At first, those drawing don’t even know what they are drawing. You can of course use anything you’d like. These instructions are for a snowman:

  1. Draw a circle.
  2. Draw a line under the circle for snow.
  3. Draw a smaller circle on top of your original circle.
  4. Draw an even smaller circle on top of the second circle to complete your snowman.
  5. Add 2 arms to your snowman.
  6. Add a carrot nose to your snowman
  7. Give your snowman a scarf
  8. Add eyes and a mouth to your snowman.
  9. Put a hat on top of your snowman.

Once completed, take the plates off your head and admire one another’s artistic talents! Supplies needed: a paper plate and marker

The 12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas

Each team is given 1 bin with 12 objects, one each to represent each of the 12 gifts given in the song The 12 Days of Christmas. Also included is Post-it notes numbered 1-12. It is up to the team to remember the song, determine which item is representing which gift, and tag them with the correctly numbered Post-it note. Each teams bin should be slightly different from each other so there is no “cheating” going on. Supplies needed: (per team) sticky notes numbered 1-12, one item to represent each of the 12 Days of Christmas. Note: You can make it a bit more complicated by adding items that do not belong.

Elf Movie Drinking Game

Elf Drinking Game

The perfect way to up the fun factor on an adults-only movie night. All you need to do is connect your laptop to the TV with a hdmi cable and then make a list of “take a sip whenever _____ happens” to share with everyone before the movie starts. Just make sure everyone has a safe ride home before imbibing too much. You may also want to ensure that all of your guests are older than the legal age for drinking as if they’re not, some of them may decide to look for a Florida fake ID site to prove that they are. As when it comes to holiday celebrations, nobody likes to miss out on the fun, and drinking games make up a large portion of these festivities, so everyone wants to feel included. What better way than to do it whilst watching one of the best Christmas films of all time? Want a family friendly version instead? Download the PG version here which has players sip hot cocoa and eat marshmallows instead. Supplies needed: adult beverages OR hot cocoa and marshmallows.