8 Things Hurricane Harvey Taught Me

By Heather Schuck | Team News

Sep 21

If you went to MegaRelief, then I don’t have to tell you just how inspirational it was. It truly was an amazing experience and I wanted to share a few of my takeaways.

8 Things Hurricane Harvey Taught Me: Wendy Papasan

8 Things Hurricane Harvey Taught Me 

1. Leadership is essential, especially in a crisis. If you have leadership abilities, use them. There are not enough strong leaders in the world!

2. Having the right tools makes hard work faster and easier. Spending a few minutes to pick out good tools and learning how to use them is invaluable.

3. Filling trash bags full of water-logged stuff gives you perspective. Most of us own too many things. Use what you have a little longer and give the money you would have spent away.

4. The company you work for matters. I admire the way Keller Williams has stepped up to help, not only their agents, but whole neighborhoods.

5. Everyone should aspire to make more money. You were not born to pay bills and die. Money is good for the good it can do. You need to make more so you can give away more.

6. Realtors are the keepers of communities. We help people with an essential need – shelter! When your home disappears overnight, you are reminded how important that is.

7. Follow your heart. Passion makes hard, smelly work feel joyful and rewarding.

8. People are at the heart of it all – my relationships with God, Realtors in my company, and my neighbors in Texas have never been more powerful and for that I am grateful!

Thank you Harvey for the wisdom. ❤️

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Wendy Papasan