Claire Bohne

director of growth

Claire’s mission is simple: to inspire authenticity.

As the Director of Growth for the Papasan Properties Group, Claire derives deep fulfillment through the growth of those around her. She is proud to coach and empower her team members to break through ceilings, in both their professional and personal pursuits. Those who work with Claire recognize her belief in their potential and her commitment to their success and development. 

Claire is proud to be a part of the Keller Williams family and to contribute to its reputation of excellence. She began her journey with KW as an agent and was soon asked to join the leadership team as the Productivity Coach at the Austin Southwest MC #1. After growing the Coaching Team to 220 agents, Claire transitioned to her role working as the business and growth coach for Wendy and Jay Papasan’s top-producing real estate team. 

Claire is living her ultimate dream: she gets to go to work and have fun with people she loves and respects each day. Her team members continually stretch her to become her best self and she feels a sincere responsibility to show up authentically for them in return.   

 Claire is a KWU Approved Trainer, has been appointed as a Cultural Ambassador, and is the youngest recipient of the Eagle Award. In her spare time, you can find her playing fetch with her dog, Sweet Olive, traveling with her high school sweetheart-turned-husband, John, or eating her favorite french fries around Austin.

  • Youngest Eagle award recipient
  • cultural ambassador for keller williams
  • 5 Time BOLD Graduate