Six Easy Steps to Home Ownership

Lesson 2

Step 1 – Hire your agent.

Typically, there are two real estate agents involved in every transaction. One of the agents represents the seller, and the other represents the buyer.

Do your research when choosing your agent. Ask about their experience, knowledge of the market, and their negotiation skill. Find one that suits your needs and personality and not just because they are your friend. It’s okay to interview more than one before making your selection.

If I’ve earned your trust and provided value so that you choose me as your buyer agent, this is the commitment I make to you! My goal is to get you from the starting line to crossing the threshold of your new home with little to no hassle.

And the good news … my services are paid by the seller at the close of sale.

Now let’s walk through the timeline, beginning with when you need to move.

1. Who would like to share when their lease is up and you need to move out? This means your last lease payment is due: _______.

2. Ideally, you’d like to move in to your new home by: ____________.

3. You’ll need to close—take ownership—prior to: ____________.

4. Which means you’ll need to be under contract to purchase by: ____________.

5. We’ll begin looking at houses based on what you want by: ____________.

6. Get pre-approved for your mortgage with a lender and know how much you can afford by: ____________.

7. Prepare your finances: ____________.

8. Begin working with Realtor: ____________.