Next Steps and What to Expect Closing Day

Lesson 5

STEP 4: You’ve found your home and you’re ready to make an offer and negotiate to a successful close.

1. Price: To help you determine a fair price to offer on the home, I’ll provide a comparable market analysis, or CMA, of other properties that have recently sold near the home you’re making an offer.

2. Terms: There’s much more to an offer than price. The six details, which I’ll help you navigate, are:

3. Schedule - when it will close, for example

4. Conveyances – what appliances and décor items will remain or go

5. Commission – who pays the commissions (fees) for both agents—the agent representing the seller, and the agent representing you

6. Closing costs – who will pay

7. Home warranty – if seller will provide one or not

8. Earnest money – a deposit paid to protect the seller from the possibility of the buyer pulling out of the deal

9. Contingencies: conditions that allow you to opt out, for example, after receiving the inspection report and discovering foundation issues.

Remember: Everything is negotiable! This is where my experience and knowledge will be a big help to you.

STEP 5: I help you through the inspection process and consult with you to determine the negotiation strategy we’ll use.

You want to know what you’re getting into and make a decision whether to move forward on buying this home.

You don’t want to buy someone else’s problems.

Step 6: You’re getting closer! There are just a few steps to round out the deal.


This is a major accomplishment and now you get to feel the pride of home ownership.

Keep in mind that I continue to be your resource even after the deal closes. I have recommendations for every kind of serviceperson you may need over the years to keep your home in tip-top shape.