Downtown Austin: Living Life Different

By Wendy Papasan | Downtown Austin

Mar 27

Austin TXFor those looking for an uniquely Austin experience, downtown is the place to be. Entertainment and living come in a thousand combinations, whether it be dinner and a movie or Frisbee and a music festival. The choices are endless and the experiences keep on coming in Austin. That’s why people choose to move to downtown Austin. You can live, work, and play in one location. If you’re looking to eat healthy, the farmer’s market or Whole Foods’ flagship store is a short walk from your building. If you need some inspiration, there are dozens of artists and galleries scattered across the neighborhood. And if you’re looking to propose big ideas, downtown’s business district is attracting high-tech startups and their employees are flocking to downtown. All these features make Austin one of the best places to live. [Read CNN’s article on Best Places to Live: Austin]

Living in Downtown

With rising buildings and a growing community, there is real estate that fits any style and stage of life. From high-rise condos to luxurious city homes, you can pick and choose which one is best for you. The best part of living in downtown is the convenience. Shops, restaurants, and parks are all within walking distance. The workplace is centered around downtown as well, so you don’t have to worry about waking up early and fighting traffic. Every feature of living is made simple in downtown Austin. To find housing or convenient rentals search our current listings by clicking the button below.

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Working in Downtown

Homeaway, Facebook, and plenty of other high-tech companies are shaping Austin already. They’re building and creating revolutionary products are changing lives. Austin’s nickname, the “Silicon Hills, shows how tech savvy we’ve become!  Living and working in downtown will show you how small ideas become big inventions. With over 120,000 downtown employees and a 90% occupancy rate in nearby neighborhoods, it’s no wonder downtown is living tall and building smart. It’s one place where you’ll love both living and working.

Alternative Places to Live

If the “downtown” atmosphere and city life doesn’t suit you, it’s no problem. There are plenty of traditional neighborhoods that are located near downtown Austin, which offer you amazing homes and pleasant experiences. Click the links below to view real estate in those neighborhoods.

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