Food Truck Tuesdays: Unity Vegan Kitchen

By Wendy Papasan | Food Truck Tuesdays

Mar 25

It is finally Spring! And we are celebrating with a veggie inspired Food Truck Tuesday visit to Unity Vegan Kitchen. This mobile eatery has a number of options made up of equal parts healthy and delicious. Unity Vegan Kitchen’s offerings are oftentimes local and organic with gluten-free options also available. Unity’s main goal is to provide tasty vegan options for lunch-goers around Austin either interested in vegan eating or already vegan. Dishes such as lasagna, muffuletta sandwiches and pineapple cobbler (all vegan) are welcome options to the Austin lunch repertoire. Unity is no stranger to attention, they were a fourth place finalist for the 2013 Best Healthy Lunch on the Austin A-List and placed second at the Lone Star 25th Annual Veggie Chili Championship. Choose veggies for the win and try Unity Vegan Kitchen out this month!

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Food Truck Tuesdays | Unity Vegan Kitchen Austin Texas

Our Unity Vegan Kitchen Picks:

  • Muffuletta Sandwich: Olive mix, smoky cashew spread, spinach and thinly sliced seasoned tofu on freshly made bread
  • Sesame Salad: Toasted sesame quinoa and spinach salad with seasoned garlic tofu, red peppers and purple cabbage with a spicy peanut dressing and sesame seeds
  • Pineapple Cobbler