Google Fiber Is Coming To Austin

By Wendy Papasan | Things to Do in Austin

Apr 29

How many of us have watched our computer screens, waiting impatiently for the song to download or the video to play, all while preparing to cut the power and try again? We’ve all nearly pulled out our hair from slow internet and scrambled television screens. It’s had its ups and downs, and now Google is taking action. Introducing “Google Fiber,” Austin will soon be receiving the next generation in internet connection. For information on the advantages of access to fiber internet, visit this website –

But what does this mean for you and your home?

The most obvious difference is the faster connection. With these kinds of internet providers near me, I’ll be able to stream and download and search at an unbelievable pace, and so will you. Starting with speeds that are 100 times faster than normal broadband, you’ll be able to download videos in an instant (1 Gbps for you techies), witness high definition television at its best, and upload projects before you know it. With the best broadband and phone deals here, your connection will be faster than before. Faster connections means no longer experiencing those painful headaches as you watch a webpage load bit by bit on your screen. But the possibilities don’t stop there. Connection isn’t limited to your computer and television anymore. Mobile devices like the Android tablet will now share the same speed with your home, and essentially be your remote. You don’t have to worry about hogging the living room t.v. since you can stream episodes live from your tablet. Plus, you can share your favorite t.v. shows with your friends — that way you can keep up with what people are talking about.

Home installation begins mid-2014, where you can experience the next generation in home technology. Pricing details have yet to be set, but are rumored to be in line with Kansas City’s pricing. Google will also be connecting public institutions, such as schools, hospitals, and community centers with Fiber for free. If you’ve ever had a moment to be excited about living in Austin, this is it. Learn more details on their homepage, Google Fiber, and sign up for more information.

Austin Home Technology

If you’re interested in seeing what technology you can get from Austin real estate, search our current listings. Google Fiber won’t be the only thing making your mouth drop. State-of-the-art appliances will have you preparing meals in seconds, custom lighting will have you saving energy while tuning it to fit your mood, and other amenities will have you totally relaxed — so much you won’t ever want to move again. [Read more about home technology in our article: Must-Have Technologies For Your House]

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