Mar 25

Inventory is at record lows:

A peek at why

The New York Times recently published an article by Emily Badger and Quoctrung Bui, “Where Have All the Houses Gone?” The pandemic is only one factor contributing to the current market’s record low inventory. Other factors were leading up to this. In fact, inventory has been trending downward for several years. Here’s a quick look at all of them.

The pandemic has certainly contributed to low inventory levels in several ways:

  • The pandemic has caused people to rethink where and how they want to live, as well as created a desire for more space.
  • Seniors are delaying downsizing or moving to retirement facilities.
  • Families currently in homes are reluctant to sell because of uncertainty about finding something to buy.
  • Millions of homeowners are still under mortgage forbearance, which has allowed them to stay in their homes when they would have been forced to sell in pre-pandemic circumstances.
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All of this to say, your home has most likely appreciated 20% to 50% in value in the last 6 months alone.

If you want to take advantage of the market but are worried about any of the reasons above, we can help! We have many home sale options available including:

1. Cash offer at or above market value.
2. Off-market sale (no need to put in on the MLS).
3. Cash offer and you stay in your home as a renter for a year or two.
4. Keep your first home as an investment and we’ll help you with a move up.

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