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Wealth Building for All. 

At PPG, we believe in the relentless pursuit of wealth-building to LIVE BIG LIVES. Whatever your dreams may be, we want to EMPOWER YOU to fulfill them.

  • Are you looking for ways to afford college tuition for your child?
  • Fund a trip around the world?
  • Build a retirement nest egg to live your golden years stress-free?
  • Throughout the year we will have several events designed to educate and support you as you travel down your wealth-building journey. This includes educational investor seminars, tax strategy workshops, and advice on how to leverage the equity in your home.

    We wrote the book on investing:

    Check out our past events...

    • Out of State Investing
    • Tiny home developments
    • House-Hacking

    Not-So-Tiny Profits with Tiny Homes

    Jefre and his team at Sprout Tiny Homes are revolutionizing residential developments. Their latest project, ConstellationATX is a master planned tiny home community opening this year.

    Jefre will share:

    • The Not-So-Tiny Opportunity 
    • Financing Do's and Don'ts
    • Strategies for Finding the Perfect Lot
    • How Tiny Home Communities Will Help Austin Affordability 

    Jefre Outlaw, Sprout Tiny Homes

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