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Wealth Building for All. 

At PPG, we believe in the relentless pursuit of wealth-building to LIVE BIG LIVES. Whatever your dreams may be, we want to EMPOWER YOU to fulfill them.

  • Are you looking for ways to afford college tuition for your child?
  • Fund a trip around the world?
  • Build a retirement nest egg to live your golden years stress-free?
  • Throughout the year we will have several events designed to educate and support you as you travel down your wealth-building journey. This includes educational investor seminars, tax strategy workshops, and advice on how to leverage the equity in your home.

    We wrote the book on investing:

    Check out our past events...

    • Out of State Investing
    • Tiny home developments
    • House-Hacking

    House-Hacking Your Way to a Zero Mortgage

    Staci and her husband Tyson are currently house-hacking their way through wealth-building here in Austin. 

    The term "house hacking" was coined by Brandon Turner of Bigger Pockets and has been touted as one of the best ways for younger investors to get started. The concept is simple - buy a duplex, live in one side and rent out the other to cover the mortgage expense. However, the realities of that arrangement aren't always that simple. 

    • How to Find the Right Property
    • Best Practices and Common Setbacks to Avoid
    • Projecting Cash Flow and Tackling Vacancy Issues
    • Realities of the Landlord + Neighbor Relationship 

    Staci Hanrahan, House-Hacking Mythbuster

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