Myth-busting: 5 House Hacking Mistakes to Avoid

By Heather Schuck | Invest in Real Estate

Apr 19

Staci Hanrahan and her husband Tyson are currently house-hacking their way through wealth-building here in Austin.

The term “house hacking” was coined by Brandon Turner of Bigger Pockets and has been touted as one of the best ways for younger investors to get started. The concept is simple – buy a duplex, live in one side and rent out the other to cover the mortgage expense. However, the realities of that arrangement aren’t always that simple.

Staci will share:

  • How to Find the Right Property
  • Best Practices and Common Setbacks to Avoid
  • Projecting Cash Flow and Tackling Vacancy Issues
  • Realities of the Landlord + Neighbor Relationship

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