Out-Of-State Investing Opportunities: St. Louis Deals at $50K

By Heather Schuck | Invest in Real Estate

Apr 19

Eager to start investing in real estate, but can’t afford the high home prices in Austin? You might be surprised to know there are plenty of cash flowing rental properties in St. Louis, some as low as $50,000. (Spoiler alert: watch the video to hear about Warren’s $7,500 investment home in STL!)

With 3.3% in job growth rate in the area, double the United States rate of 1.59%, the St. Louis economy has been gaining momentum in recent years. And those San Francisco technology start-ups who are leaving in a mass exodus from Silicon Valley? Many are falling in love with Heartland cities like St. Louis.

With key employers in place, an influx of new residents and plenty of affordable housing available, St. Louis can offer investment opportunities higher-end markets like Austin simply cannot.

Wendy Papasan and Warren McEnulty will share:

  • Why St. Louis and Why Now
  • Understanding the Economy and the Opportunity
  • Cash Flow vs Asset Appreciation Strategies
  • Key Neighborhoods for Investments at $50K, $100K and $150K.
  • Tools and Resources to Manage an Out-Of-State Rental Property

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