Sarah Maddali

Sarah Maddali epitomizes integrity, energy, hard work and creativity in all aspects of her life with a heavy transfer into her Real Estate Career. Native to the Midwest (where yes...there is more than just corn) she started her passion for entrepreneurship early. At the young age of 11, she began publishing weekly newsletters, creating small businesses for “Tweens” in her hometown to start working, and even asked for a palm pilot for Christmas “keep her life organized.”

She continued her “Big Thinking” throughout college being in the top 1% of Sales Consultants for a Business to Business platform while Double-Majoring at Ashford University with a degree In Physical Therapy and Industrial Psychology. After 6 years in the medical field, she took the leap into Real Estate to be able to fully pursue her lifelong passions. Her Psychology background has provided her with valuable skills and tools that she utilizes daily in Real Estate negotiations and educating clients. Her Physical Therapy background allows her to evaluate the safety needs required and available for the growing baby-boomer generation. She strives to make an impact by providing peace of mind to clients, especially those that have struggled with previous agents.

In her free time she enjoys cooking (especially Indian food...but her husband still swears that her Tex-Mex can give Austin restaurants a run for their money 😉 ) Sarah is an avid DIYer, Runner, Reader and Explorer of everything Austin.