Wealth Building: How to Get Started in Real Estate Investing

By Staci Jones | Invest in Real Estate

Nov 18

If you have ever considered what life would be like as a millionaire, let us tell you it is not too far fetched! Our very own, Jay Papasan, recently presented at Google Headquarters on a topic we are very passionate about, wealth building through real estate! Who knows, with the support of a real estate investing mentor this could be the source of your future fortune. Whether this be through buying, fixing up and then selling, or by buying property and turning it into a successful business, we are passionate about real estate success stories! Real estate can seem complicated, especially when you’re looking into commercial property to start your very own entreprise. Checking out websites and companies online that have Commercial Property For Sale is a great place to start, such as Prideview Group. There are also plenty of tools now available to those trying to get into real estate. Some people attend classes or read books to find out the basics, but there are also digital resources such as networking tools, time management tools and even neighborhood search tools to help you find the right properties. Whatever the situation, listenting to Jay’s presentation should help you with any real estate troubles you’re dealing with.
Jay is best known for co-authoring, with Gary Keller, books such as The Millionaire Real Estate Investor and The ONE Thing, which have both received many awards and accolades worldwide. Jay is the Vice President of Publishing & Executive Editor at KellerINK and works alongside some of the best real estate investors and entrepreneurs in the business.

We are excited to share Jay‘s presentation with you today which will provide you with the initial tools you need to begin investing in real estate:

“The way in which we acquire money informs our responsibility with it.” – Charlie Munger

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Credit for video: Jordan Thibodeau – Grow with Jordan